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Duoqu is the fastest-growing model in recent years.
It has more capacity than Nespresso and has two membranes.
We have helped some customers start the business of Duoqiusi capsule, investigate the market, and provide them with a complete set of solutions.
The machine is also suitable for filling capsules of different specifications.
The filling period is short and the production capacity is high.
Highly automated, mass production.
Users can choose the filling number according to their own production capacity to determine the number of filling heads.
The touch operation screen, man-machine interface, can show the production status, operation procedures, filling methods, and so on.

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CP3001D is in the CP30 series, the same premium quality machine. The machine can be used to produce Dolce gusto coffee capsules, cut the film twice, and heat seal twice.

Adopt European advanced accessories and PLC touch screen control system.

Servo drive, so that the filling accuracy is very accurate.

Screw metering, pneumatic propulsion machine working.

It is an ideal machine for entrance production that:

Small in size, 2000x700x2600mm (height including air conveyor).

Reliable working to continually packing 1200-1500pcs per hour.

Ideal price to lower the budget.

Its packed capsules are as good as other CP30 machines with excellent accuracy and nice sealing.

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Model CP3001D
Suitable Product Coffee, chocolate, tea etc.
Suitable capsule Dolce Gusto compatible capsule
Suitable sealing Roll type foil
Capacity speed/hour 15-20 pcs per minute
Filling range 3-20g (adjustable by customer)
Accuracy ±0.1 grams
Standard Power 3 phase 220V @ 50/60hz - 3kw
Installed size (LxWxH) 2050mm*670mm*2600mm(height 1800mm without air conveyor loader)
Air requirement ≥0.8Mpa/300L per minute
Required Temp 5-35°C
Required Humidity ≤85%

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1. Filling machine for packing DG, in line with European standards, accessories mostly use Omron, Schneider, and other brand accessories.

2. The frame is made of stainless steel 304 and plexiglass door, which meets the needs of food production. Long service life.

3. Detection system: no cup no filling, no cup no heat seal, automatic reject unqualified products, foreign body alarm.

4. Servo screw filling ensures that the accuracy ranges between ±0.05 and 0.15.

5. PLC touch screen control, easy to operate, adjustable filling grams and other basic settings


1. Vibrator drum sort out Dolce gusto cup.

2. Automatically input capsule cup.

3. Detect empty cup (start nitrogen flushing at this station).

4. Servo motor filling ground coffee.

5. Clean the edge of the cup powder and press the powder.

6. Cut perforated film.

7. Cut the top film.

8. Heat-sealed twice to ensure that the cup is well sealed.

9. The finished cup grasped by the manipulator

Load Dolce Gusto empty capsules then sensor confirm

Filler station (one way vertical direct auger fill)

#1 filler is strong press AS forced filling to fill enough grams as tamp fill
#2 then the cleaning device will air suck the extra coffee as cleaning function (the transparent pipes will deliver the extra coffee into a bin))

Roll aluminum foil place station and the first time cutting foil and heat seal

The second time cutting roll foil and heat seal

#1 sensor confirm foil is placed then #2 Sealer station seal the capsule

Automatic take out the finished capsules

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Room 2210, Building 1, The Link Plaza,
No.278 East Suzhou Avenue,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Jiangsu Province,

Tel: +86 13348026518


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